Press Release


Organisers of Cork’s flagship event of The Gathering 2013, Cork Rebel Week (October 14- 20 2013), have issued a Clarion Call to the people of Cork to open up their homes and towns to marching bands from around the world for one of the signature events of the week-long series of events.

On October 19, Rebel Week will host an International Parade, which will take place in Cork City. Bands from all over the world will descend on the county for Rebel Week and, in order to facilitate such a large-scale event, the towns and districts of Cork are being asked to host one marching band in their locality (similar to the Special Olympics concept of 2003).

If your town or district is interested in hosting a marching band, it must carry out the following activities and meet the following criteria:

  • Create a Rebel Week Committee who will meet regularly from the beginning of March;
  • Act as principle liaison with the band director;
  • Provide sufficient number of host families to accommodate all band members (up to 50 members);
  • Provide transport to and from the arrival / departure airport and to all events scheduled for the duration of their visit;
  • Create an educational and hands-on cultural programme unique to your town / district (Arrival Wednesday 16th –Departure Sunday 20th October);
  • Provide all meals and social activities, e.g. Welcome reception/event;
  • Create a float to compete and participate in the Cork Rebel & Culture Parade which will be held in Cork City on Saturday 19 October;

A fund of up to a maximum of €7,500 will be provided towards the costs of being an official host town/district.

Padraic O’Kane, organiser of Rebel Week, said: “Cork people are unquestionably among the friendliest people on earth, so we’re expecting a huge response to this. This is a unique opportunity for the people of Cork to become intrinsically embedded into Rebel Week. By hosting an internationally-renowned marching band from the UK, the US or even further afield will help drum up support, hit the right note and bring a real sense of ceremony and colour to Rebel Week. We will work with these towns to make sure the process of hosting over 50 people for a week is simple and straightforward.

“As Cork comedy legends, Cha and Miah, said recently, ‘It’s time to roll out the red carpets, get out the sleeping bags, blow up the spare mattress and get out the china tea service’ and welcome a world-famous international marching band to your area,” Padraic O’Kane said.

The closing date for applications from towns/districts is 22nd February and full details on how to take part in Rebel Week is available at or by emailing