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Delivering the best for your brand has worked extensively across all forms of event and venue marketing. In-house we have the capability to deliver on all marketing aspects to help your brand or business grow from full service event marketing to social media management. We integrate all of our marketing efforts, traditional and digital, providing you with a fully rounded solution that hits your audience in all the relevant touch points. Our Expertise includes:

Social Media

Whether you need to create a consistent tone of voice, targeted campaigns, require real time social during your event or would like us to develop a complete social media strategy plan we will bring your ideas to life and deliver you a user focused, simplistic experience. Experiences that are 100% memorable and 100% measureable. We leverage the best digital tools to kickstart conversations with your audience — and keep the dialogue going long after your event.

Our current social accounts include:

FIRE Restaurant & Lounge

The Conference & Events Venue

SOLE Seafood & Grill

American College Football

Website Design & Development

Our Clients Include:

Working with the best deisgners and developers we can help you create a website full of visually stunning and compelling design that ties in with your overall brand identity on and offline. Most importantly websites that are user friendly and that offer mobile or responsive site functionality. We can also help you define your brands voice and create great content that compliments your visual identity.

Branding & Brand Development

We can inject personality into your brand or work with you to develop your existing brand. We will help you define the essence of your brand; addressing strategy, identity, tone of voice and personality and why your brand is unique. We will help develop a brand that makes an impact and helps you communicate with your target audience and maximise the value of your business.

Full Service Event Marketing

We can support your event or take the lead on everything from event conception, branding, design, social media to creating your full event marketing plan. Let us do the hard work and plan, execute and generate sales for your next event.

Other services include

  • Artwork Design
  • Media planning & buying
  • Video Creation & Distribution
  • Traditional & Digital Public Relations
  • Budget Management

If you would like more information on any of our marketing services contact our marketing team today:

Sabrina Egerton | +353 (0) 1 253 0840