Cork County and City Councils jointly, by way of Cultural Sponsorship have agreed to engage the team who created and developed the concept of “Rebel Week” to run from the 14th to the 20th of October 2013 as the flagship event for Cork as part of the Gathering Ireland 2013.  One of the primary objectives is to attract 5,000 international visitors to Cork for the weeklong list of events and activities.

The launch of Cork’s programme of events for the Irish Gathering in Cork 2013 is set to take place at Cork Airport in December. Over 220 spectacular Cork events are planned to take place across Cork City and County during 2013, welcoming friends and family home to the ‘Rebel County’ with Cork Rebel Week being the flagship event for the region. This focal point of The Cork Gathering will showcase a week-long series of specially commissioned events running from October 14th-20th 2013. Among the diverse events scheduled for ‘Rebel Week’ include a commemoration of the birth of revolutionary leader and Cork’s first son, Michael Collins, on October 16th; a Cork Global Economic Forum; and a unique and novel ‘Cork Passport’ scheme where those wishing to get their hands on this coveted document must be willing to prove their Cork credentials. Applications are welcome on the ‘Rebel Week’ website,

Significant investment has been made by our clients and stakeholders for Cork Rebel Week: Cork County Council, Cork City Council, Fáilte Ireland, IPB and Cork Airport, to ensure that Cork Rebel Week is the Gathering of all Gatherings in 2013!