In September, Fire at The Mansion House reopened for business with a stunning new layout which includes three new glass paneled private dining areas with their own terrace.

For many however it is the new luxurious basement lounge that looks out onto the freshly landscaped garden which will be of most interest.

Preserving the history and heritage of this iconic Dublin building has been at the forefront of the minds of  the planning, development and conservation departments of Dublin City Council, supported by Sean Harrington and his team of architects along with Padraic O’Kane, Sharon Hollywood and the team at Fire.

From the fountain being moved three different times to ensure it is back on its original plinth to the railings being placed back on the original spot over 80 years ago it has been a restoration and renovation project that will ensure the wellbeing of the building well into the twenty first century.



Fire Restaurant & Lounge at the Mansion House on Dawson St reopens for business on Friday 5th September incorporating the new development over two floors which has been in the planning since 2010. To celebrate, opening hours have been extended to a seven day operation which now includes Sunday’s.

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