The COVID-19 Safety Charter is an initiative endorsed by the Irish Government to reinforce confidence in domestic and overseas visitors in tourism businesses. This is designed to give comfort and reassurance to employees, employers and consumers that FIRE has opened safely. Fáilte Ireland issued guidelines for the Irish tourism and hospitality industry, which is designed to meet the government’s safety guidelines.

Receiving this Charter means that at FIRE Steakhouse & Bar and SOLE Seafood & Grill, every employee has completed appropriate COVID-19 hygiene and safety control training. We have also appointed a COVID-19 Lead Worker Representative, who completed the extensive Fáilte Ireland COVID-19 Safety & Hygiene Control Training.

What does this COVID-19 Safety Charter mean for FIRE and SOLE?

  • Our team have a clear understanding of the COVID-19 infection.
  • FIRE and SOLE have awareness in our role and responsibility for helping prevent the spread of infection.
  • We have a clear understanding of the standard precautions surrounding COVID-19 infection control.
  • Our team have a clear knowledge of the correct hand washing techniques and practices.
  • FIRE and SOLE know how to apply all this knowledge to our place of work.

The FIRE and SOLE teams are delighted to have received this COVID-19 Safety Charter, after implementing their Welcome Back Protocols. They are committed to providing their guests with a safe and comfortable dining experience.

Find out more about Fáilte Ireland COVID-19 Safety Charter here.

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