29 April 2020: The event organisers of the 2020 College Football Classic: Navy vs. Notre Dame are working closely with their Irish and American partners, including the Irish government, the US Naval Academy, the University of Notre Dame and the governing body of collegiate sport to monitor the situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The recent Irish government announcement on ‘licences for gatherings over 5,000’ does not apply to this fixture as the game does not require a licence. However, the universities and the governing body of the collegiate sport in the United States are currently working towards options and solutions on how to manage the upcoming sporting season. Public health and safety advice will remain paramount, so during this crucial time event organisers of the College Football Classic Series have asked for support to allow the universities and the NCAA to finalise their recommendations with an expected announcement in mid-June. At that time, the event organisers will, in turn, be in a position to update on the specifics of the Navy vs. Notre Dame scheduled for 29 August 2020 at the Aviva Stadium.

The five-game series is estimated to bring an economic boost of €250 million to Ireland over the coming years and event organisers are confident they, together with their partners and stakeholders, can ensure the future of the series over the coming years.

With today’s technological advances, Conference-goers have very high expectations when it comes to attending an event. People are looking for an experience rather than just a monotone speaker and PowerPoint Presentation. They want a completely immerse experience, even when it’s a Virtual Event. They want access to exclusive material and insights that they cannot get anywhere else. Here are tips on how to host successful interactive events.


If you really want to make your conference stand out, it is worthwhile investing in a professional moderator who is experienced in giving insightful and engaging discussions to audiences. A moderator must be able to:

  • Collect the audience’s questions
  • Keep to time limits for discussions
  • Give their input
  • And much more!

For a virtual event, the moderator must still be able to be exciting and engaging, even if it means telling a few jokes to keep the audience engaged!


Live polls are a fun way to actively engage your audience, as people love to compare their opinions to those of others. Incorporating real-time polls into your conference is simple, thanks to Social Media. You can easily create a Facebook poll, Tweet a poll or Instagram story poll during an event. Live Polls are perfect for virtual conferences, as many video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, have this feature.


It is always a great idea to include time for a Q&A at a conference. Nothing is more boring to an audience that sitting and listening to a speaker for a couple of hours with no two-way interaction. Q&As make the event more exciting and enables the audience to give their own take on the discussion. It is an easy way to get your audience involved without causing any major disruption to your event. Even for virtual events, attendees are often asked to Tweet their questions or send their question via a video conferencing platform.


Offer your audience to attend a small meeting on a specific topic they are interested in. Smaller breakout sessions are great for a more personal experience. This gives the conference attendees to participate more actively. Many people feel more comfortable sharing their ideas with a smaller group of people than with a whole conference. For virtual events, breakout rooms are accessible on video conferencing platforms. It’s a great addition to virtual events as it will allow the audience to brainstorm and delve deeper into topics.


The dedicated team at the Round Room can help you host a truly immersive interactive conference with their state-of-the-art facilities.

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Interested in hosting a live streaming event? Keep reading to discover why live streaming events are so beneficial for your business right now.


Live streaming allows events to reach a wider audience from across the world. For example, if you are giving a conference in Dublin, someone from New York who is interested might not be able to afford to travel. A live stream event allows anyone to be able to attend no matter what their location is.


Live streaming events are a lot more measurable. Your company can learn what was most popular, how many people viewed your event, how many paid for tickets, where your attendees work and live along with much more information. This makes it easier to see your event’s impact and to build a strategy for your next one to bring in more attendees.


Breakout chatrooms are a great little addition to your event if you want some networking to be done. Social media is also a very powerful tool to create a community online for people to connect and share ideas.


Engagement is always an important point to consider when it comes to planning a virtual event. You can create a chatbox along with your live streaming event for your audience to ask questions that can be answered towards the end for a Q&A. You can also create polls during your event to help keep your audience engaged.


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Off The Ball have today announced a three-year partnership with The Aer Lingus College Football Classic and Irish American Events. Together, Off The Ball, The Aer Lingus Football Classic and Irish American Events will work to grow interest in and develop American Football in Ireland.

The Aer Lingus College Football Classic, returning this August, is well regarded as a major highlight on the Irish sporting calendar and has renewed its fixtures for the next five years.

Following recent announcements of some mouth-watering contests between the elite of College Football coming to Dublin, Navy v Notre Dame (2020) and Illinois v Nebraska (2021), Off The Ball are delighted to announce a new permanent hub for Irish football fans – die-hards and newbies!

The hub will be the home for all things American Football, it will be hosted on Offtheball.com and will include exciting features such as;

  • ‘The Snap’ podcast covering NFL, NCAA and American Football domestically – hosted by Ger Gilroy, Cian Fahey and Ronan Mullen, featuring all the weird and wonderful events on both sides of the Atlantic as well as some sizzling hot takes!
  • Events – Super Bowl parties, community meetups and live podcast recordings
  • Cian Fahey’s Five Takeaways article every Monday morning
  •  Major competitions – opportunities to win match tickets for the Aer Lingus College Football Classic, as well as other one-of-a-kind exclusive football prizes

American Football will feature across Off The Ball’s radio, online and social channels, providing our ever-increasing audience with in-depth, behind the scenes action and analysis every week.

Commenting on the three-year partnership, Sabrina Egerton, Marketing & Communications Manager, Irish American Events Ltd. said:

“American College football has had a presence in Ireland since 1988 with several visiting games to Dublin over the years, with the introduction of a 5-game series kicking off in 2020 this presence will further cement Dublin as the European Headquarters of College Football.   Through our partnership with Off The Ball we look forward to creating greater awareness around the sport, not only at a college and professional level but to also shine a light on the American football league in Ireland at grassroots. American College Football is so #MuchMoreThanAGame, we are excited to bring the fanfare to Dublin over the coming years with pep rallies, tailgating, rivalries, community and traditions…these games have something for everyone and we look forward to bring you on the journey with Off The Ball.”

Speaking about the partnership, Ger Gilroy, Managing Director of Off The Ball, said: “We’re delighted to partner with the Aer Lingus College Football Classic and Irish American Events. College games bring a brilliant atmosphere to Dublin city and entice thousands of Americans to travel around the country every year. It’s a brilliant idea and has come to fruition through the vision of a small but dedicated group. It’s a perfect partnership for us as the audience for American football grows year on year.”