Press Release


19th February 2013

A €2 million development project commenced this week at Fire Restaurant & Venue on Dublin’s Dawson Street, that will see the creation of a further 30 hospitality jobs bringing the workforce to 76 full-time employees when completed. This investment demonstrates another positive sign of sustainable recovery within the Dublin hospitality industry. A new bar facility located on the ground floor – previously offices and storage – and a new dining area on the first floor will open in late August 2013. FIRE Restaurant & Venue will not be affected during the development works.

“Whenever you expand in business – not just the hospitality business – the process is incredibly challenging. FIRE opened up in September 2005 and we recognised from early days that due to the layout of the building, we were not able to provide a total experience for our customers due to the lack of waiting / pre, /post dinner drinks areas. FIRE has built a great reputation for quality and consistency in both food and service, which has generated a large number of regular and loyal customers over the years.
“Through smarter use of existing space, we have now designed a way to provide our customers with that complete experience while preserving, and in some cases recreating, many of the original features of the building and gardens,” said Padraic O’Kane, FIRE Restaurant & Venue.


Fire Restaurant is located adjacent to Dublin’s historic Mansion House, in the building that was the Lord Mayor’s Banqueting hall (previously known as the Supper Room).
The magnificent original building was constructed at the end of the 19th Century, overlooking the Lord Mayor’s Garden. Throughout the course of the 20th century, various concrete extensions were added to the front of the structure and the garden also lost its original design.”

“For the last three years, we (and our group of conservation specialists, engineering consultants and historic garden experts) have worked in close consultation with FIRE and Dublin City Council to sensitively design a new contemporary frontage to the building and to reinstate the Edwardian-style civic setting, which will bring back the former spirit of the Supper Room and Lord Mayor’s garden,” architect Sean Harrington said.

“Dublin City Council is delighted to be working in partnership with FIRE to deliver what will be a stunning new façade and a worthy architectural enhancement to the set-piece of the Mansion House. It will also deliver an enhanced and economically-sustainable restaurant offering that provides customers with additional cocomfort and protects Dublin City Council’s investment,” said John Tierney, Dublin City Manager.

“Transforming the underutilised ground floor of the building not only allows FIRE to give greater choice and comfort to customers, but also secures the long term viability of the overall business on Dawson Street which includes the Round Room Business & Event Centre. The hospitality industry as a whole continues to be challenged with high rents, increased insurance, energy and food ingredients for example – but at FIRE we have changed our business plan with a focus on increasing top-line sales / per person spend, while maximising cost efficiencies without compromising quality or service”, Padraic O’ Kane, FIRE Restaurant & Venue.