Amy Cannon

Marketing Communications Manager

Currently Studying a Master’s of Science in Strategic Marketing. Amy holds 7+ years of marketing experience with major brands such as Hewlett Packard and Kobo Inc., priding herself on developing ‘the voice of the brand’.

Dealing with high profiled clients and bands, Amy gained a strong grounding with a particular focus on brand positioning and developing marketing activity tailored to target market behaviour.  She has a uniquely rounded marketing skill set honed through working for renowned multinational brands. Amy is adept at developing strategic marketing communication plans through brand development, market research, advertising, sponsorship and social media; with a thesis published around the physiological and social effects of social media.

Amy’s client experience includes consumer brand names such as Apple, Topshop, Boots and Vodafone in addition to charities (, membership organisations (Student Council of Ireland) and universities (Trinity College Dublin, UCD), to name just a few. Returning from North America after 3+ years, Amy brings global experience leading global go-to-market strategies and executional tactics for numerous products to multiple international markets. welcomes Amy to the team.

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